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We introduce ourselves as fast growing Industrial Storage Racks Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, We have vast experience in the field of material storage and stacking solutions. we offer a Heavy Duty Racks and Industrial Storage Rack with wide range of innovative racking solutions, to meet the diverse need.

We are highly customer centric and aim to develop our business providing outclass products and after sales service. we always keep in mind the requirements of our valued customers, and provide best suit options in line with monetary and durability.

We provide solutions to utilize vertical or horizontal space by supplying Slotted Angle Racks, Heavy Duty Racks system, Pallet Racking, Two/Multi-tier Racks, Mezzanine Floor, Mobile Compactor Etc. Our product meets global industry standards. Manufacturing joint ventures with state of the art technology, Machinery and skilled labors.

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As a consequence of our ongoing efforts to fulfil the industry’s tough needs, we have gained consistent patronage from some of India’s most prestigious corporations.

Pallet Racking FAQ

1.Which factors determine the price of Industrial Storage Racking Systems?

Several factors can influence the price of industrial storage racking systems included racking type, size and capacity, material used for manufacturing, features and accessories and installation & delivery charges.

2. Are storage racks a safe option for my warehouse?

Yes, Storage racks can be a safe option for your warehouse, but several factors play a crucial role in ensuring their safety such as Proper installation, Weight limits, Loading practices, Consider used racks cautiously, Forklift operation etc.

3. What types of items can I store on pallet racks?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the types of goods that can be stored in a pallet racking system. Because these racks are solid, sturdy, and strong, they can be used to store anything from small boxes to bulky items. You’re good to go as long as the cargo is properly packed, secured, and does not exceed the load-bearing capacity of the structure!

4. What Is Pallet Racking Used For?

Pallet racking is a versatile and efficient storage solution that can be used in a variety of industries. If you’re looking for a way to improve your warehouse’s organization and efficiency, pallet racking may be the right solution for you.

5. What is a multi-tier racking system?

A multi-tier racking system is a storage solution that utilizes multiple levels of shelving or platform decks vertically stacked on top of each other. These systems are often used in warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, and other facilities where maximizing space utilization is crucial.

6. What types of industrial racks do you manufacture?

We offers five types of racks included Pallet racks: For storing palletized goods on beams, Cantilever racks: For storing long, awkward items like pipes or lumber, Shelving: For storing smaller items or boxes, Gravity flow racks: For FIFO (First-in, First-out) inventory management and Mobile racks: For maximizing space utilization in tight areas.

7. What materials do you use to make your racks?

We used high grade steel material, but aluminum and plastic are also used for some applications.

8. What are the weight capacities of your racks?

This will vary depending on the type and size of the rack.

9. Do you offer custom-designed racks?

Yes, we offers custom design and fabrication services.

10. What safety features do your pallet racks have?

We manufactures pallet racks having safety features such as pallet backstops, guard rails, and seismic bracing.