Long Span Shelving Rack

Long span shelving racking is the perfect industrial shelving solution, for storing small light components to giant heavy cartons to fit for your loading requirements, due to the flexibility of adjusting height and configuration with different choices of metal shelving. It’s easy to adjust the height and configurations as your needs.

In addition, Long span shelving is a great modular design for easy assembly and no special instruction of installation to save your space and time.

Moreover, Long Span Shelving Rack is one of the high performance accessories, which can be assembled with all sorts of warehouse shelving systems to meet your special requirements. For example, mezzanine floors are usually paired with upright of Long span shelving to maximize warehouse spaces.

Long Span Shelving Racks

Long Span Shelving Racks Has Many Advantages

  • Quick & easy installation with no special tools
  • Adjustable height for changes
  • Broad selections of frame and beam sizes to meet your requests
  • Flexible Longspan shelving solutions according to loading capacities and sizes.