Cold Storage Rack Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Depending on the materials stored, different storage facilities require different types of storage solutions. With our particularly developed Cold Storage Rack Systems, we respond to the specialised needs of cold storage and freezers.

Cold storage facilities are more expensive than typical warehouses or industrial setups and require a highly effective storage system. We are also referred to as the Manufacturer of Cold Storage Systems, which are ideal for large-scale industrial freezers.

Maintaining low temperatures in cold storage incurs significant costs. We boost the capacity of the facility and thereby help you manage your resources by conserving space. Our Cold Storage Racks are designed with industry standards and the subzero temperatures that they will be subjected to indefinitely in mind. We have happy customers from a variety of industries.

Cold Storage Rack Manufacturers in Ahmedabad

Keeping this in consideration, we design and manufacture custom-made racks that take up less space while providing the most functionality. These designs allow trucks to pull in and lift items directly from the racks before shifting to the supply area without disturbing other products.

Why Choose Our Cold Storage Rack?

These racks, which are often composed of stainless steel, are sturdy enough to function in cold and freezing temperatures. Furthermore, they are entrusted with maximising warehouse space with two aims in mind: on the one hand, to give a large storage capacity, and on the other, to ensure energy efficiency through effective cold distribution across a larger number of pallets.

Our extensive subject understanding and market experience enable us to develop and offer the highest quality Cold Storage Racking System.

Features of Cold Storage Racking System

  • High density storage
  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Temperature Control
  • Airflow Management