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Ware House racking is essential part of warehouse infrastructure. To accelerate warehouse operations proper racking system should be in placed. With proper warehouse racking, warehouse operators optimizes space with efficient design and best suited racking system. The important aspect in warehouse racking system is to enable streamlined picking process. Warehouse layout plays a major role in warehouse racking, aisle width, docking locations, shipping areas, and other warehouse components affect warehouse racking options.

There are many types of warehouse racking systems, pallet racks or materials handling systems. Wooden, metal, or plastic pallets are combined with larger racking systems comprised of shelves at various levels. Decking bases are available in different widths to support objects placed on the racks in storage. In many cases, warehouse racks is several feet high and requires forklifts for the loading process. Various warehouse racking system configurations are possible including selective racks, drive-in or drive-through racks, push-back racks, and flow racks.

Warehouse Racks Manufacturers

Warehouse Racking Requirements

There are a few factors to consider that help determine the best option for your company:

  • Available floor space
  • Ceiling height
  • Cost
  • Pallet type and size
  • The number of SKUs stored in each rack
  • Frequency of pallet access
  • Product shelf life
  • Number of pallets to be stored
  • FIFO or LIFO product needs
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